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Bobcat Belles' Dance Company


The Bobcat Belles dance company was created in an effort to create a foundation of dance and strong moral character for kids through affordable weekly dance lessons. Classes are taught by Bobcat Belles director and drill team alumni and assisted by the current Bobcat Belles. All of the funds raised from our classes go toward helping the current Bobcat Belles. Our dance classes are jazz/hip hop based. The styles compliment each other well, as one builds a technical foundation and the other sharpens and strengthens while focusing on performance and personality. The ballet and jazz aspect of the class focuses on alignment, technique and fluid style, while the pom and hip hop elements work on performance aspects such as strong arm motions, formation awareness, and stage presence. Students will learn alternating styles of routines from a jazz or pom routine to a hip hop routine to perform at the end of year class show offs and one select routine in the Belles’ Winter show. Participants should see improvement in increased flexibility, coordination and strength, and confidence, as well as specific techniques for jazz, ballet, hip hop, improved balance, posture and grace, development of rhythm, and creative movement. Our classes are recreational meaning they are meant to be fun! If your dancer would like to audition for Bobcat Belles in the future, we strongly suggest taking more than one dance class a week in order to better prepare for auditions. There are several wonderful studios in Longview and Marshall that offer Jazz technique, Ballet technique, and drill prep classes that will focus on the skills and technique needed for auditions! 

Team Drive 2023-2024:
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BBDC - Purple Sequence
BBDC - Purple Sequence silly
BBDC - Moana silly
BBDC - Moana
BBDC - lighting
BBDC - lighting silly
BBDC - Honey Bees
BBDC - Its going down
BBDC - Moana hula
BBDC - Its going down silly
BBDC - Honey Bees silly
BBDC - Blue sequence
BBDC - Good is the new Bad
BBDC - Good is the new Bad silly
BBDC - Big Girl Now
BBDC - Big girl Now Silly

2023-2024 Calendar:

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